Solidarity with the Refugees against the Murderous Policy of Deportation and Closing the Outer Borders!

Unionist and Antifa together against Stupidity and Reactionary Forces

2015 a lot of refugees happily succeeded in crushing temporarily the outer borders of the EU. The government cleverly staged a so-called “culture of welcome”. At the same time the refugees were maliciously divided into “bad” or “good” ones, in “suitable” and “not suitable” ones according to the maxime: exploit the “suitable” and deport the “not suitable”. In the mentioned deverting atmosphere of the so-called “culture of welcome” the laws for asylumseekers were brutally enforced und the number of deported refugees increased dramatically.

The Enforced Policy of Deportations

2016 in deed more than 25,000 people had been deported from Germany. This is an increase of 21 % in comparison to 2015. […]

The Incidents Occurred in the DGB Building of September 2013 Clearly Show How the DGB Leadership Treats the Struggle of the Refugees

Leaflet No. 33, October 2013 „From the very first day, DGB tried to evict us from building“ (Statement of the „Non-Citizens“ in Munich, 8.9.2013)

The way the DBG bureaucrats treated the refugees who seeked shelter in the Munich DGB building during the first two weeks in September 2013 must not be forgotten or hushed up.

Why did the refugees seek shelter in the Munich DGB building?

In Germany refugees are treated as second-class human beings. Since spring 2012 the refugees have been fighting for their elementary rights with increasing intensity by means of protest camps in many cities. They organized protest marches to Berlin which lasted several weeks to demand

– Unconditional recognition of the right of asylum

– Stop […]

Ça suffit ! Es ist genug !! ! Combattons la situation allemande !  La France en feu, l’Allemagne au pieu?

Syndicalistes et antifascistes ensemble contre la connerie et la réaction. Tract n° 11, avril Inviter des militant(e)s français{e)s en signe de solidarité et pour tirer des leçons de leurs expériences.

Ça suffit ! Es ist genug !! ! Combattons la situation allemande ! La France en feu, l’Allemagne au pieu? Afficher notre solidarité et notre soutien aux luttes en France ! S’ inspirer et tirer des leçons des luttes en France ! Depuis la mi-janvier, des luttes massives contre le« CPE » (abolition de la protection contre le licenciement pour les moins de 26 ans) ont vu le jour. Des centaines de milliers d’étudiant(e)s et de lycéen(ne)s sont descendu(e)s dans la rue esemble. Des lycées et des facs ont été […]