Solidarity with the Refugees against the Murderous Policy of Deportation and Closing the Outer Borders!

Unionist and Antifa together against Stupidity and Reactionary Forces

2015 a lot of refugees happily succeeded in crushing temporarily the outer borders of the EU. The government cleverly staged a so-called “culture of welcome”. At the same time the refugees were maliciously divided into “bad” or “good” ones, in “suitable” and “not suitable” ones according to the maxime: exploit the “suitable” and deport the “not suitable”. In the mentioned deverting atmosphere of the so-called “culture of welcome” the laws for asylumseekers were brutally enforced und the number of deported refugees increased dramatically.

The Enforced Policy of Deportations

2016 in deed more than 25,000 people had been deported from Germany. This is an increase of  21 % in comparison to 2015. Additionally we have to mention 54,000 de-facto-deportations, which were reached by so-called voluntary returns.

According to a plan of the EU at least 80,000 afghanistan refugees are planed to be deported to Afghanistan (look: Deportations to Afghanistan already take place, if they are not stopped by protests. This happened for example by the bold resistance of pupils in Nuremberg on 31.5.2017.

The “reasons” for remand pending deportation and deportations are systematically expanded. So Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Senegal and Ghana had been declared to “sichere Herkunftsländer” (safe countries of origin).

The “Gesetz zur besseren Durchsetzung der Ausreisepflicht” (Law for the Better Enforcement of the Duty of Departure) is a kind of „Get-out!”-Law. It authorizes the reading of data filed in mobile phones during asylum proceedings, deportations in the manner of a raid without announcement even for people, who had been “geduldet” (tolerated) for more than a year or the “legal” deportation of sick people (look:

Unbearable Conditions of Living for Refugees in Germany

These refugees, who cannot be deported or cannot be deported at once for different reasons, are faced with unbearable conditions of living. They are nearly without rights and were humiliated, psychologically and physically terrorized day by day. The “nicht anerkannten” refugees (refugees without a legal status as asylum seekers or refugees of war) are faced with a hopeless and prospectless situation of life, which is caused intentionally: permanent harassments by the police and by the authorities including “Melden im Ausländeramt” (compulsory registration at the office for foreigners) every day, bothered by the fear of being deported, examinations and searchings in the manner of a raid, forced isolation from the society in barracks and in camps with prefabricated huts (containers) in several-bed-rooms without any private sphere in cramped surroundings, bad or partly missing health care, difficult access to language training or other instruction courses, vexatious licensing procedures while searching for employment, restrictions of the freedom of travelling and moving (the so called “Residenzpflicht” – the obligation to stay at a certain place).

A big number of refugees, who have no “Bleibeperspektive” (the prospect to stay here) are planed to be kept in custody in “besonderen Aufnahmezentren” (special centres of residence) for the purpose to be able to deport them more easily.

In fear of a depending deportation from 1993 to 2014 at least 63 people committed suicide in german deportation prisons since the right of asylum has practically been abolished. The state-organized terror of deportation is responsible for these and other death cases.

When refugees try to resist bureaucracy or simply want to get public attention for their situation, the state power appears on the scene. A hunger strike by more than 50 refugees, which took place in a protest camp in the inner city of Munich in June 2013, was stopped by a brutal police operation.

There is an ongoing number of nazi attacks against refugees and refugee accomodations, about 3,500 in 2016. This is an average of 10 attacks per day. 560 people had been injured, among them 43 children.

From 1993 to 2014 at least 94 refugees had been murdered and about 1,900 had been injured, some very seriously, by nazi attacks, racist infringements and arson attacks.

Refugees are permanently exposed to the racist and nationalistic smear campaigns of politicians and media.

The interaction of pracitical politics, the ideology, which is spread in tv-shows and other media by nazi-friends and nazis itself, and the nationalist und racist prevailing mood, which is virulent in the society, are both extremely dangerous and had to be fightened and disproved not only partially, but in a whole.

Murderous Closing of the EU-Outer-Borders against Refugees

With or without “upper limits” for refugees or border controls at the borders to Germanys neighbourcountries the politicians from the established parties agree on one point: The outer borders of the EU had to be closed and should stay closed.

Already the brutal methods to hinder the entry to Germany and to avoid the possibility to put in an application are the first and currently the most important points of charge against the policy of the german state and not only the german state.

This policy of locking the borders is carried on with all means: with Frontex, with german warships, with EU-financed camps for example in Greece, where refugees are herded together behind barbed wire under inhumane conditions, with deals as beetween the EU and Turkey, which obliges Turkey to take deported refugees back, with “cooperation” with thugs from the police and the army in Libya, Marocco and Tunesia. These measures break existing conventions about international law, human rights, war refugees and asylum-seekers.

From the view of the refugees this policy of locking the borders is the main problem. Several tenthousand men and women, who flee from misery and poverty, from fascist terror, massacres and war, have died and die in the Mediterranean Sea. This is a consequence of the murderous policy of locking the borders.

At least 35,000 refugees have been killed since the year 2000 in the Mediterranean Sea. In 2016 about 5,000 refugees drowned there – as many as never before.

It is a decisive touchstone whether this policy of locking the borders is ignored or denounced and fightened: nationalism or internationalism, joining the propaganda, that „the house is full“, or fighting the racist ideology und policy about the so-called „deutsche Volksgemeinschaft“ (reactionary german-nationalist bonhomie).

Support the Refugees Consequently and with All Power!

Fences and warships will not be able to prevent refugees from crossing the borders. Too big is the misery caused by the capitalist system especially including german capital and the policy of the german government. Many thousands of people on flight will die on more and more dangerous routes.

We as union-people and antifascists think, that it is necessary to support the refugees in their fight against the murderous policy of locking the borders and their unbearable situation with all strength. We think, that the following demands are essential:

« For the democratic right of asylum for all, who are oppressed and victims of persecution by imperialism and reactionary forces!

« Against any restrictions of immigration, against all „special laws“ and restrictions for the people without a german passport!

« For equal rights for all oppressed people living in Germany!

Solidarity with the refugees and all „Wretched of the Earth“ also means:

« Support for the fights of the refugees against their discrimination and pending deportation!

« Support for all righteous international fights, which are directed against the oppressive and exploiting social conditions, against misery, reactionary wars and massacres, which force millions and millions to flee.

Declaring solidarity consequently also demands to reject and fight the german-chauvinistic positions, which are spread by the leadership of the DGB (= Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund; german trade unionist holding organization) and by certain forces, who pretend to be “left”. So the leadership of the DGB signed a declaration together with the government and some associations of capitalist entrepreneurs. This declaration demanded, “that those, who come from safe countries of origin, have to be deported without delay”. (“Für eine moderne und nachhaltige Industriepolitik in Deutschland”, Oktober 2015) The leader of the parlamentary faction of the Party “Die Linke” (“The Left”), Sahra Wagenknecht, in January 2016 joined the hate campaigners against north-african refugees. She demanded: “Those, who missuse the Gastrecht (right to hospitality), have forfeited the Gastrecht.” One has to know, that the term “Gastrecht”, as a definition for low level rights for foreigners, was used in the programmatic declaration of the NSDAP in 1920.

We as union-people and antifascists think, that it is necessary to enforce the fight against the murderous policy of the government regarding to refugees, nazi-terror and nazi-hate-campaigns together with the refugees and in solidarity with all people, who are affected by these „deutschen Zuständen“ (german conditions).

Contact: GewerkschafterInnen und Antifa gemeinsam gegen Dummheit und Reaktion
c/o Jugendzentrum in Selbstverwaltung, Postfach 12 19 65, 6807 Mannheim

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